Artist Statements

 Indomitable Nature – 2016

When the first cavemen learned to make fire it provided heat, light, and protection against the wild environment around them.

And so began our disruption of nature with technology.

Illuminating the darkness and protection were not enough, soon technology went beyond meeting our basic needs with a corresponding impact on the natural world with each innovation.

The loss and alteration of habitat, chemical contamination, excessive deforestation, and overpopulation have already brought a rapid extinction of many species of plants, birds and animals.

A society of high technology in a world with unchecked climate change may be able to re-create woolly mammoths, but will never be able to re-create their natural habitat.

Nature is being artificially mechanized, computerized, digitized and hybridized, leading to a gradual suffocation of the living, breathing world.

The very essence of humanity may be systematically uprooted in favor of a wholly synthetic and programmed existence where everything that exists in nature today, may one day be only a product of our imaginations.