Continuum 2020

Very excited to be selected for the 2020 CONTINUUM PB Art Fair again this year

showing brand new work including;

“Emotional Roller Coaster”

Compressed automotive parts, urethane base/clear automotive paint, 40” x 44” x 30”




“Murus Tentorium”
20” x 16 x 8”
Composition of scrap aluminum and steel, inspired by the photo to the right

taken while hiking through a remote area of western Spain a few years ago..


As well as a 40″ x 30″ printing on aluminum of the new “Still I Rise II”

Continuum is an annual pop up multi-media art fair in Palm Beach County exhibiting

regional South Florida artists curated by A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers LLC (ATB) & Craig McInnis Studios .

The pop up space holds over 200 works of art, including 3D ceramics and sculptures, created by over 50 artists.

Some events at this art fair will include:  Fundraiser Opening Gala, the Collectors Brunch and Lecture,

the Body Painting Battle, Meet the Artists, the Mélange Fashion Show and

Young Masters of Continuum just to name a few.

Please join me there!



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